Honors of the congress 

International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development, as one of the most regular and the most valid scientific, research and executive annual congress on civil, architecture, urban development and environment of the Middle East in Iran, intends to promote the quality of architecture, structure and urban development and also study needs and necessities of education of the abovementioned cases by introducing practical and scientific potential and to provide an opportunity for propagating sustainable development in Iran and explaining road comprehensive plan in the field of urban sustainable development by benefiting former experiences and achievements and bring together professors, experts and managers. 

This important international event has been holding annually and regularly under the best scientific and research standards and the relevant permits by cooperating and supporting of reliable research centers and universities. Its papers and scientific achievements were registered in meetings and the relevant specialized sites and authorized organs. Holding this congress, under the slogan of “urban development a path to future development”, is an opportunity for gathering experts, specialists and scholars on architecture, structure and urban development. Nowadays researchers and professors of the country try to present their valuable scientific findings through this international event and it’s so honorable for the secretariat of the congress.    

Honors of the congress are as follows:

- Cooperating and participating more than 100 university, institute, society and research center in the congress

- Localizing experiences of leading countries of the world in discussion on urban sustainable development

- Attendance of tens of major lecturers and famous international professor from authentic universities of the world such as Italian Universities in congress periods

- Participating more than 3500 activists of this section including academics, experts, politicians, managers, students, interested and concerned organizations, consulting engineers, contractors and specialists

- Explaining road comprehensive map in the field of urban sustainable development

- Indexing the congress in citation center of Islamic world sciences (ISC)

- Presenting authorities of the congress in tens of report and scientific programs of broadcasting and explaining goals and achievements of the congress

- Launching  certificate authentication system in the site of congresses for getting inquiry and following authenticity of all certificates issued by the congress in different periods

- Publishing selected papers of the congress as categorized in principle and distinct topics in high circulation and sending them to the relevant organizations and departments in order for making operational and implementing Scientific new experiences and findings on urban sustainable development

- Holding specialized educational panels relevant to civil engineering, architecture, urbanization and environment in order to teaching and promoting scientific level of the state students and researchers

- Creating proper opportunity for exchanging information and providing research new achievements between scholars, researchers, industrialist, students, authorities in the field civil engineering, architecture and urban development

- Founding and continuity international discourses in the field of concepts, ideas and theories relevant to topics of the congress

- Cooperating with academies of the world in order to issue international certificates of the congress

- Cooperating a large number of professors from different universities of the state in scientific committees and congress’ referee

- Attending continuously of economic and industry representatives in the congress

- Studying challenges of specialized fields such as civil, architecture, urbanization, environment and providing executive

- Encouraging all organs and activists for using new technologies and results of scientific researches in urban management

- Holding consultation and discussion meetings with the presence of consulting engineers and providing practical experiences relevant to urban sustainable development

- Promoting scientific level of public and engineering society in the issues related to civil, structure, architecture and urban sustainable development

- Being familiar and introducing successful patterns of urban development in the country and the world and studying them from different viewpoint

- Attending and lecturing state senior authorities as supporters of this international annual congress

- Holding photography competition under the topics of the congress for promoting urban sustainable development

- Holding scientific – specialized meetings to study challenges and opportunities relevant to the topics of the congress

- Selecting tops of the conference including top paper, top specialized panel, top participants, top supporters, top stand and top picture and … in the different periods of the congress

Visual report of first and second round of the congress

 Visual report of third round of the congress

 Visual report of fourth round of the congress

 Broadcasting report and the relevant films 

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